Wedding Workout Wednesday: Plank Party

Plank variations
Trying to shoot these workouts like..”Can I help you?”

Once, during my (strength and conditioning) internship, I really was a participant in a “Plank Party” where we thought it would be a good idea to do planks, one minute on one minute off, for 20 minutes. It hurt to laugh for a week.

Instead of torturing yourself alone in your living room with boring planks, try these variations in any of your workouts to challenge your planking skills.

Oblique Challenge Plank: Start in plank, then rotate to one side until your hip touches the ground, then rotate to the other side. Try 10 taps per side.

“Awkward Turtle” While in plank position, bring one knee up and try to touch your elbow (you won’t actually touch it) and then back to plank. Alternate legs for sets of 10 each leg.


Plank to Push-Up (Advanced): Start in push-up position and lower down one elbow at a time to plank. Then push back up, one hand at a time, back to push-up position. Down and up is one. Start with sets of 5 to 8.

Plank to Push-Up Plank to Push-Up Plank to Push-Up

Side plank: With your elbow directly under your shoulder, push through your bottom foot to raise your hips up as high as they will go without moving your feet or bottom arm. Start with holds of 15 seconds each side and work your way up to 30 seconds per set.

side plank


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