The “D” Word

The dreaded “Diet”.

I dislike the word and I try not to use it in a negative context. Especially as it pertains to eating healthfully.

Diet, by definition, simply means the foods we consume on a regular basis:

di·et (noun) –the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.
As a society, we’ve given the word a bad connotation. People use this word with dread or disgust. Nobody wants to “diet”.

The phrase “going on a diet” is even worse. It implies restriction. Without even realizing it, it makes the “restricted foods” more desirable when the mindset is “I can’t have that”.

It implies that there is a definite start and stop time to this thing, and that when the time comes, previous habits will resume..

The same habits that caused someone to “go on a diet” in the first place.

So the habits resume after the diet, the weight comes back, and then..It’s time to “diet” again.

Instead of thinking of it as “dieting”, think of it this way:

I don't diet I eat according to my goals

Because what is a “diet” but a means to reach goals? If you always eat towards your goals, whether it’s weight loss or maintenance, then you won’t feel restricted.

How about instead, we adopt a healthful way of eating that we can stick to long term? One that tastes good, minimizes processed foods, and allows some flexibility. Not just for weight loss, but long after the weight is gone, for maintenance.

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