Ladies, Don’t Fear Lifting Weights!

I hear it all the time, “I don’t want to lift weights because I don’t want to get bulky.”

Hear me now: Lifting weights will NOT, I repeat, will NOT bulk you up.

Women: Don't Fear Protein!
125#, Been Lifting Hard and Heavy Eleven Years

Please, please, please ladies, do not be afraid of lifting some heavy weight. If you want to lose weight, lifting is actually, your best friend. Here’s why.

When you do cardio, you burn calories during your workout. When you lift weights, not only do you burn calories during your workout, but your metabolism becomes elevated from lifting for a full 24-48 hours after a workout. So you continue to burn calories long after you finish your workout! Win!

Additionally, lifting weights builds (a very small amount) of lean muscle tissue, the pretty tight lines you all refer to as “tone”. This muscle tissue burns an additional 50 calories per day per pound. Basically, muscle burns fat, so let’s build a little (I promise a little, us girls don’t have the testosterone to build a lot) muscle!

Women: Don't Fear Protein!

If you still don’t believe me and fear the weights, consider this: women do NOT have the testosterone levels that men do to build bulky muscle. The women you see with big muscles have worked really, really, ridiculously hard in the gym, with stupid heavy weight, for YEARS just to put on a little muscle. It is very difficult for us.

Women: Don't Fear Protein!
So Bulky 😉

Hi, I’ve been lifting hard and heavy, TRYING to put on muscle for over 10 years. I lift 6 days a week and I’ve even bulked a couple times to try to put on muscle.

I hope I eased your fears of heavy weight, and that women will fearlessly and confidently walk into the weight room and throw up some heavy ass weight to help with their goals and show the guys what’s up!

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