Fit to Get Hitched was a late night stroke of genius when I was in college. My friends were all starting to get hitched, and as the “friend into fitness” I was recruited to help them shape up for the big day.

My name is Erin, and I am not hitched or even close to it, but I am fit, and I’ve been helping people get fit and healthy for over 10 years. I’ve been a trainer and corporate weight loss counselor, and these days I’m a high school nutrition and food science teacher (by day, fitness blogger by night).

Originally Fit To Get Hitched was a bride-focused personal training business I ran for a few years before I traded in entrepreneurship for a corporate salary with benefits. But all that is overrated. Fit To Get Hitched is my baby, and I want it to grow as a brand. After all, that sweet ass logo that’s a scale AND engagement ring (you just saw it didn’t you?) is too legit to quit.

So I’m bringing Fit back! This time as a blog, where I offer diet and workout advice and plans FREE to Fit Brides.

Follow, cook, work out, and share! I want to see all you FitBrides doing FitToGetHitched things, so I can start sharing all the FitToGetHitched transformations! And always, contact me if you have comments, questions, or suggestions for making fittogethitched.com better. I’m also available to be your online personal trainer if you need a little more accountability and motivation than fittogethitched.com has to offer.